Thursday, April 1, 2010

Press Release for the, just concluded, Patanjali Yogpeeth Yog & Pranayam Techers Training Camp: March 26-28, 2010

On the weekend of March 26th, over 80 people had the chance to participate in the first Chicago Yog and Pranayam Training Workshop, held by Patanjali Yogpeeth USA, at the Bharat Sevashram Sangha temple in Aurora. The workshop trained new teachers in the form of yog and pranayam popularized by Yogrishi Swami Ramdev Ji which emphasizes pranayam, using breathing techniques to control and balance our life force. Swami Ramdev Ji believes that “good health is the birthright of all human beings” and the workshop was meant to encourage the spread of yog and pranayam throughout the Midwest area.

Attendees came from all over the Midwest, and some from even as far as Boston and Houston. They included doctors,housewives, massage therapists, yog teachers,IT specialists, and others who wished to experience the difference yog and pranayam could make in their lives and communities. The workshop was organized by Dr. Brij Kumar Kamboj, who teaches free weekly yog and pranayam classes at the Ramakrishna Universal Temple in Homer Glen. It was led by the instructors Mr. Shekhar Agrawal, trustee of Patanjali Yogpeeth USA, and Dr. Dilip Sarkar, renowned vascular surgeon and preeminent scholar in yog therapy and ayurved. Under their guidance the participants spent over 25 hours learning about different topics ranging from Ashtang Yog, acupressure, mudras, ayurved, and to anatomy.

By the end of the camp most seemed ready to take their new found knowledge and spread it to others. Gaurav Kamboj, a participant at the workshop, said, “The camp has given me the tools to improve people’s lives through yog and pranayam, and I look forward to spreading the many ideas I have learned here.” A committee was formed to guide this new found community of yog teachers into the future and plan additional activities. Many of the attendees were also making plans to start free classes in their local communities. Further information can be found at the websites: and or by calling 630-579-4745.

Brij K. Kamboj
Coordinator, Patanjali Yogpeeth Chicago camp
630-579-4745 (H)
630-886-6323 (C)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Patanjali Yog & Pranayam Classes in Chicago

Some Patanjali Yog & Pranayam classes currently offered in the Chicago area:

Instructor: Dr. Brij Kumar Kamboj
Phone: (630) 886-6323
Venue: Sri Ramakrishna Universal Temple
14630 S Lemont Rd
Homer Glen, IL 60491
Time: Sundays, 9:00 AM
(Note: A one-time donation of $50 is suggested for the venue, to be made out to the "Vivekananda Vedanta Society").

Instructor: Shila Sanghani
Phone: (815) 577-1650
Venue: EOL
1142 W Jefferson St
Shorewood, IL 60404
Time: Wednesdays, from 10:15 to 11:15

Instructor: Shila Sanghani
Phone: (815) 577-1650
Venue: YMCA
15120 Wallin Drive
Plainfield, IL 60544
Time: Tuesdays, 10:15 AM
(Note: Because of liability reasons, YMCA requires that you be a member before entering their premises; please contact the instructor if you are not.)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

An International Yoga Movement Comes to Chicago

Chicago, IL, February 16, 2010:

Patanjali Yogpeeth announces a Chicago Yoga & Pranayama Training Workshop

Good health is the birthright of all human beings, and yoga and pranayama are the keys to achieving it. To further spread this message in Chicago, Patanjali Yogpeeth is holding a Yoga and Pranayama Training Workshop on the weekend of March 26th, at the Bharat Seva Sangha in Aurora. The workshop is open to the general public, to all those who wish to experience the difference that yoga and pranayama can make in their lives.

When most people think of yoga, they think of people contorting their bodies in various poses. There is, however, another aspect of yoga that is generally ignored in the US, pranayama.

"Pranayama" is made of two words: Prana is a life force, the inner energy of a person, of which the breath is the external manifestation and Yama means to control, to discipline. Being able to control one's breath is the key to good health and well-being. Sri Swami Sivananda, a turn of the century Indian guru, said of pranayama: "The Prana may be defined as the finest vital force in everything which becomes visible on the physical plane as motion and action and on the mental plane as thought. The word Pranayama, therefore, means the restraint of vital energies. It is the control of vital energy which tingles through the nerves of persons. It moves his muscles and causes him to sense the external world and think his internal thought."

For centuries, the focus of most yoga traditions had been on teaching asana, or yoga postures. Pranayama was considered too advanced a technique to teach to the general public. This changed when Baba Ramdev Ji popularized a method of teaching pranayama that was both simple and effective. Since then millions have been able to experience the difference that pranayama makes in their lives. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, founder of Art of Living, the world's largest volunteer-based NGO, has said: "Yoga can cure even fatal diseases and Swami Ramdev has definitely proved it time and again. Swami Ramdev has spread yoga to such an extent that sooner or later, one has to embrace it."

In 1995, Swami Baba Ramdev founded the Divya YogaMandir Trust, Haridwar to spread yoga and pranayama practices worldwide. As part of this mission, on the weekend of March 26, 2010, Patanjali Yogpeeth is holding its first Chicago Yoga and Pranayama Training Workshop. The workshop will cover yoga philosophy and anatomy, naturopathy, ayurveda, balanced living, asanas, with a focus on pranayama. It will last two and a half days, and will be conducted by Mr. Shekhar Agrawal and Dr. Dilip Sarkar.

Mr. Shekhar Agrawal has been teaching Yoga and Pranayama for over a decade. He is the Trustee and President for Patanjali Yogpeeth (USA) Trust. Dr. Dilip Sarkar was a Vascular Surgeon for 25 years, Chairman and Chief of Staff at Portsmouth General Hospital, when he suffered a heart attack and underwent by-pass surgery. This led to his study of Ayurvedic medicine and Yoga Therapy, and he is currently the Executive Director of the School of Integrative Medicine, Taksha University, in Virginia.

The Chicago Yoga & Pranayama Training Workshop will begin on Friday evening, March 26th, at the Bharat Sevashram Sangha temple in Aurora, a southwest suburb of Chicago. It will be $201 per person, including membership and books and meals, and preregistration is required. Further information can be found by calling 630-886-6323 or on the website:

About Patanjali Yogpeeth (USA) Trust:

Patanjali Yogpeeth (USA) Trust is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, the US arm of the Divya Yoga Mandir Trust, established in 1995 by P. P. Swami Baba Ramdev Ji to promote yoga and pranayama and spread its benefits as widely as possible. They hold free yoga classes, have TV programs on the Aastha channel dedicated to spreading the benefits of yoga, and have a center for Ayurveda and Yoga in Haridwar, India, which produces Ayurvedic foods and medicines for distribution throughout the world.

[Patanjali Yogpeeth Chicago Camp: March 26-28]

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Patanjali (Chicago) Yog Camp: March 26 - 28, 2010

Mar 26: Friday, 5 pm - 9 pm
Mar 27: Saturday, 7 am - 7 pm
Mar 28: Sunday, 7 am - 7 pm

Bharat Sevashram Sangha
522 Garfield Avenue, Aurora, IL 60506

Please contact us:
Drs. Brij and Sunita Kamboj; Tel: 630-886-6323 and 630-550-2772

Gopal Mishra; Tel: 630-335-1532


[Patanjali Yogpeeth Chicago Camp: March 26-28]

"Good health is the birthright of all human beings" - P.P. Swami Ramdev Ji Maharaj

Thursday, December 10, 2009

A message from Sh. Shekhar Agrawal, USA Trustee & USA Yog Teacher Coordinator - Dec 9, 2009

Dear Yogis of our Houston chapter,


I hope that you all are in Good health and Spirit.

We recently completed the Patanjali Assistant Yog Teacher (AYT) Level 1 training workshop in Atlanta, GA. We are also planning to do additional AYT Level 1 workshops in NY/NJ and Chicago area in March 2010. Please always visit our web site for regular updates. Design work of Patanjali Yogpeeth USA Center in Houston is moving forward as expected. Please visit the web site to see the power Point Presentation for more details. Reserve your Vanprasth Home NOW for a Healthy and Happy Retirement.

Yog Classes- Many of you are conducting regular Yog classes in you cities and reporting to us on monthly basis. If you are not conducting any Yog classes, please start and do report your class to your area coordinator (Reporting of your Yog class activities are very, very important). Please watch Pujya Swamiji daily program on Aastha Channel and Zee TV. Watch the DVDs and read the books that are given to you. You will improve your skills and knowledge very quick and will be able to help the people in freeing them from their sufferings and save the lives of many (Jeevan Daan (Saving Life) is the best Karma). I ask that you practice Yog/Pranayam daily and teach what you learned to your family members and friends, in your communities, temples, churches etc.. I am attaching a 2 - page write up that you can use in the beginning to conduct your classes. Attached sample fliers can also help you in contacting other members in your community. Disclaimer form can be downloaded from the web site (one copy is attached).

Books/DVDs/CDs/Herbal Supplement - If any one suffering from an ailment, remember to guide them to get the DVD first. Ask them to visit to order. This will do more good to the patient. Later you can help the person by teaching Asanas and Pranayam. There are many very healthy and best quality Natural and Herbal products available there from Patanjali Yogpeeth Haridwar. Tell everyone to start using Aloe Vera & Amla Juice with warm water in morning and evening ( Only one spoon full Amla Juice for people having Arthritis). This will make them very healthy and many of their health concerns will disappear in few days. Don't forget to start with yourself and your loved ones first ( REMEMBER - We are not in the business to sell medicines but to save the people's lives and help them live a Healthy Long Life). We hope to start many Divya and Patanjali centers in major USA & Canada cities in the next six months.

Level 3 in Haridwar with PP Yogrishi Swami Ramdev ji Maharaj - Do consider visiting Haridwar soon for Level 3 training (6 days camp with Pujya Swami Ramdevji Maharaj) if not done already. It is a great experience and it is completely FREE (You reach in Haridwar at your expense. Lodging, Boarding, Food & Training is FREE). There will not be many camps next year after January 2010. You can download the form and schedule from the web site (Copy is attached for you). If you decide to go, send me the completed form and copy to your area coordinator.

Test for AYT Certification - Patanjali Yog teachers who have completed Level 1,2 & 3 can send the request to me for the Patanjali Yog Teacher test starting January 15, 2010. After you pass the test (70%), you will receive Assistant Yog Teacher Certificate from Haridwar.

If you have any questions, please fell free to contact your area coordinator or myself.

With best wishes & kind regards,
Shekhar Agrawal, USA Trustee & USA Yog Teacher Coordinator
323 W. Alkire Lake Dr.
Sugar Land, Tx. 77478

Ph. 281-242-5000
Fax 281-667-3215

Friday, October 16, 2009

Yog & Pranayam for Health and Well-being (New Location)

With effect from October 11, 2009, the Chicago Chapter of the Patanjali Yogpeeth (USA) is starting its weekly (Sunday) Yog & Pranayam sessions at a new location.

Timing: 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM (Every Sunday)
Location: Sri RamaKrishna Universal Temple
(Vivekananda Vedanta Society of Chicago)
14630 S. Lemont Rd;
Homer Glen, IL 60491

Please contact us:
Brij and Sunita Kamboj; Tel: 630-579-4745
Gopal Mishra; Tel: 630-335-1532

Swami Vardananda Ji; Tel: 708-301-9062

Yog Student Disclaimer Form: [DOWNLOAD]
(Please print the form, fill it out, and bring it with you to your first YOG session.)

"Good health is the birthright of all human beings" - P.P. Swami Ramdev Ji Maharaj

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Patanjali YOG Events: Yog Teachers' Training Level-3 (Aug-Dec, 2009)

Current schedule for the months: Aug - Dec , 2009.
Location: Hardwar, India.
Patanjali Yog Teachers' Training - This is a Level -3 training and one can even attend it first and then complete the Level-1 and Level-2 requirements. All are requested to avail off this unique opportunity!

A message from Sh. Shekhar Agrawal, Trustee PYPT(USA):
Attached please find the August to December 2009 Schedules (6-day camp). Please don't schedule any other activities during the camp days as one will be busy in the camp activities from morning till night.

Please choose the date that suits you and send your registration by Email or fax at least two weeks in advance along with flight details, so that your reservation can be confirmed. We will send the information to Haridwar two weeks before and send you a confirmation a week before. Once you send us the form you will be accomodated.

Lodging, boarding and food arrangements during the camp will be free for our teachers. if your spouse accompanies you, there will be nominal charge for your spouse for these facilities. You will be arranging your own transportation to Patanjali Yogpeeth, Haridwar.

In case you need help in finding a Car or Van service from Delhi, please contact, Gajender Singh (09811131384). Just mention that you are a Patanjali Yogpeeth Yog Teacher from USA and you need a Car/Van for Haridwar, he will quote you a price and should provide you a good service as he takes care of Patanjali Vachile needs.

You need to report to Patanjali Yogpeeth Phase II building, that is, located on the main Delhi-Haridwar road, before> reaching to Haridwar. It takes about 5-6 hours to reach Haridwar from Delhi by road.

Please feel free to send it to the people who are in your classes. If they have not done L1 & L2, they can go to L3 training but after committing that they will attend L1 & L2 in USA. This also involve them paying a fee of $302 towards L1 & L2 (includes books, teeachers training manual and 36 DVD's).

If you have any questions, please contact me via email (preferred) or at (972) 312-8001.
with best wishes,
Shekhar Agrawal & Sanjeev Khanna
Fax: (972) 267-0572